Safety Ambassadors

Just like us, our Safety Ambassadors are working to build safer communities for women.

Do you want to be part of the change?

Kwema Safety Ambassador

Meet Our Safety Ambassadors

Safety Ambassador Pauletta Perez

Pauletta Perez

A certified advocate for domestic violence in California, member of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, Board Member of Voices Against Violence for Women and Children

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Safety Ambassador Jennifer Casseta

Jennifer Cassetta

Jennifer Cassetta is a national self defense expert, clinical nutritionist and author who speaks to audiences around the world regarding personal safety, self defense, sexual assault prevention and optimal wellness.

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Safety Ambassador Heather Ryan

Heather Ryan

Ex Police Special Agent, Heather now helps women develop the confidence and intuition that turns them into powerful leaders and can help them go from victim to victor in a dangerous situation.

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Sary Salinas

Sary is a lifestyle blogger and fashion designer. Passionate about fashion, travel, food and women's lifestyle, she uses her free time to share new ideas, feelings and experiences about women traveling around the world.

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Who is a Safety Ambassador?

Anyone who wants to help build safer communities.

Why be a Safety Ambassador?

We’re connecting men and women who are working in different fronts of women empowerment or want to make a difference to help stop gender-based violence. You’ll get exclusive access to our ambassadors network to discuss ideas, projects, initiatives and more.

Become a College Safety Ambassador

Let’s create a safer campus together! We’ll reach out to you with further information about the benefits of being a College Safety Ambassador for Kwema.

Become a Community Safety Ambassador

Let’s create safer communities together! We’ll reach out to you with further information about the benefits of being a Community Safety Ambassador for Kwema.